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pathfinder archetype tier list

If only you'd add your Wis mod to the amount it would be passable at lower levels. The benefits are good, such as Full BAB/d10 hit dice and no need for Handle Animal checks. Can You Defeat Jacob's Tower? This Fighter archetype attempts to be another Cavalier replacement, but doesn't give you a scaling Mount. This is a huge benefit for charisma-based psychics. The only reason not to take this is a dislike for furry friends or a preference for…. For a Dip, giving up Medium and Heavy Armor proficiency may or may not bother you depending upon what you are doing, but trading your 1st level Bonus Combat Feat for what is effectively a limited Dodge (although it stacks with actual Dodge) is not so great. Favored Terrain: Desert, and the ability to deal double damage with any one-handed slashing weapon when mounted instead of just a Lance. Disciple of the Pike Yeah that's the problem with rating any archetype that gives an ability like Leadership. I haven't been commenting on dips but for a finesse fighter this is a pretty great dip. Sleuth This all changes when you reach 9th level and your Aura of Doom spell (a normally marginal spell) gets upgraded, giving you a powerful option coming out of a mid-level slot to make enemies frightened in a large area of effect. Some basic firearm use and enough to make it practical, but not enough to make you especially good at it. It also makes it a bit circumstantial, but like a Ranger's favored enemy, if the campaign pre-determines a bunch of similar enemies (e.g. By combining the eidolon and summoner into a single form, the amalgam creature is much more durable and effective. Gendarme loses tactician for a bonus feat (its the worst feat ration, but you can choose any order and keep the mount). A reasonable archetype that trades Mutagen for an Inspired Cognatogen with no other downsides. awesome! .}. Even with the most mundane options it's still a cohort. The pain of losing two discoveries at low levels means you don't gain the discovery class feature until 6th level, which is a very long time to wait. Invisibility as an SLA? On paper, the Mongrel Mage gives you access to any bloodline you want. For Full progression, you trade your 10th level Hex (actually a Major Hex) for what basically amounts to a Hyena-specific Wildshape, except that you get prerequisite-free Natural Speech and Natural Spell to use with it (although not with any actual Beast Shape spells or other Wildshape that you might gain). But it's a small price to pay for getting to put Cthulhu as your deity and actually mean it. Feats, especially teamwork feats, are significantly worse than rage powers, and you lose 5 of them for teamwork feats. Players who want to create combat-heavy characters have a wealth of choices within the Pathfinder system. This archetype is somewhat weird in that its biggest downside isn't actually a changed or lost class feature, but rather that it reduces your effective Alchemist level for the purpose of qualifying for discoveries (though thankfully not for the effect of those discoveries). So 'in this particular instance', "immune" doesn't mean "immunity". Don't steal it. Essentially the lawful version of Morphic Savante, everything that was said about that archetype goes about this one. Bombs are a pretty cool class feature, especially at level 1. The best one level dip if you want full BAB and trapfinding. But when you realize you could already have all that for just one feat, it becomes a waste of class features. Supply and prep is still an issue for anything but common farm animals. (-2) / Versatility: -mmm.... doritos (-2). If you go Full, you get the Cavalier's Tactician ability (which gets better if you actually dip Cavalier) at the cost of only the 1st rank of Weapon Training, and you get to expand Aid Another to more allies and eventually a Swift Action Insight Bonus to an ally who doesn't need to be adjacent for only the cost of the 3rd and 4th ranks of Armor Training. 5/5 on Paizo and RPGnow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. A Note about Notations MCAs with an (*) notation denotes that the MCA is undergoing revisions. The addition of flame spells to your spell list at eighth level is just icing on the cake. Psychic Marauder As you have no way to get Advanced Weapon Training options, it's not worth the cost of your Mount and Banner abilities. While the Formless Adept brings a number of very interesting and powerful abilities, it has a fatal flaw: they only work when in the Formless Body. Get grappled. My thoughts on this class are similar to the Musketmaster. Blood of the Ancients gave us the Too Hot for PFS! Even giving up the 2nd implement is tolerable if you want to do necromancy since you're adding a lot of wizard/sorcerer spells to your spell list, and the DC increase at level 14 helps fix the fact that your DCs are limited by being a 6-level caster. You also get a number of bonus feats however these are a bit lackluster but the combo of bullseye shot and pinpoint targeting does add some flexibility to your arsenal. You have to be a mercenary. But you're here for the blasting boost combined with School Understanding (Admixture) and the boss killer that is Spell Perfection (Icy Prison) to make your GM weep in despair. Just take the dragon-crafting feat if you want to do this stuff. conjuration does almost nothing for you) being able to replace this with the Champion's seance bonus of "weapon specialization (everything)" and invest focus to invoke the champion's spirit bonus (which applies to attack and damage rolls) is a big upgrade. Whereas the normal Investigator is focused on buffing themselves, the psychic detective plays more like a bard. You're essentially trading off useful class features and taking on additional restrictions in exchange for abilities you already have. Full Power 0 Versatility +1 The off-list elemental body spell line is nice, but the restriction of only transforming into fire elementals limits its utility. This is an NPC archetype, meant to interact with the downtime rules. But overall I think it just evens out - it needed Wisdom to initiative to really make it work. A god with a good favored would be a nice boost. You also get constant Endure Elements against cold, and Ray of Frost is added to your spell list (which may be important if you want to go into the Winter Witch prestige class, although in that case you want Full progression instead of a Dip -- see below, although some kind of Crossblooded Sorcerer Cheese Dip might be up your alley). For Full progression, progression of Martial Flexibility unfortunately not only replaces all ranks of Weapon Training, but also your 6th level, 10th level, and 12th level Bonus Combat Feats, and Free Fighting Style replaces all ranks of Armor Training (but strangely not Armor Mastery); it encourages you to pick up multiple Combat Style feats, but you have less than the normal number of Bonus Combat Feats to use for these. I never really understood this ranking of PC classes into tiers until I read the FAQ for the original D&D 3.5 version (the second post in this thread).The idea is to look at three typical challenges for a PC party: If you go Full, you really need to be Dex-based, but you get to be awesome at Combat Maneuvers and continue to benefit from the additional class skills and skill ranks, get the remaining ranks of Bravery (for what they are worth), and you might actually want to use Combat Expertise for partial compensation for your diminished armor proficiency. The second is to abuse Complex Bombs to combine bomb discoveries that force saving throws against nasty effects; for instance, combining a frost and force bomb to threaten both to knock the target prone and stagger it. While not a game-changer by any means, you trade off so little focus access to this benefit that it's well worthwhile for anyone who doesn't particularly feel like using their own mutagen. Some may be undergoing changes at current. It greatly expands on what the Wizard is capable of, but with steeply limited usage per day and trading off significant class features for access. While it only functions in bright light, and thus isn't available reliably until a party member can afford to cast a daylight spell on you, when you can gain these benefits it allows for considerable amounts of healing between encounters for free. Hmm.... What's the cheapest form of stasis in the game? So again all you are trading out is Judgement and in return you get Studied Target, a fairly slow Sneak Attack progression and 4 Slayer Talents. However, if you want to be able to swap bloodlines on the fly this archetype delivers in a functional manner. Dex to damage with guns? Trench Fighter: Too campaign-specific to rate. This archetype attempts to rectify this problem by removing every class feature other than Hand of the Apprentice. (Dip versatility +1, power +1; Full versatility +1, power +1): This is the Witch's Answer to the Card Caster Magus archetype, and again it replaces your Familiar with a Bonded Object (Spell Deck). The Master Summoner is perhaps the only archetype that really lives up to the class's name, and boy does it deliver! For a Dip or Full Progression, trading Bravery for Burst Barrier is probably about even; if you go to 3rd level, the Tower Shield Training modification to Armor Training (you do NOT give up Armor Training 1 for this) is good if you actually plan to use a Tower Shield, and doesn't hurt you when you aren't using a Tower Shield; for Full Progression, you get to become really hard to kill and provide some defense to adjacent allies, but hurt your ability to do damage; that said, if you get 5 or 6 levels in this and then go into a Tower Shieldadin and/or Stalwart Defender build, the Tower Shield Specialist replacement for Weapon Training 1 becomes a really good trade (upgrades this archetype to vers -1, power. Better to invest in something that will actually cure the condition, but I suppose it's nice to have this as a backup in case that fails. Level 3: +3 (if you take potent magic) You also disrupt enemies to the point that teamwork feats and coven abilities stop working for those you threaten. In addition, this archetype replaces your Familiar with a Bonded Object (Spell Poppet), which, instead of giving you a pseudo-Spell Recall, allows you to deliver Touch spells as Ranged Touch spells anywhere in your Aura of Desecration, starting at 3rd level, with no limit on uses per day other than how many spells you can cast. With these Bizarre Races, nobody will forget who you are or how you look! It also keeps most of what people look for in a bard: bardic knowledge, inspire courage and versatile performance. The only selling point for this archetype is the access to druid spells but I don’t see any super amazing things on the druid list that aren’t on the ranger list. This will hurt your offensive capabilities. What really kills this archetype for me is the reduction in base Bane dice as this is the inquisitor’s signature combat ability. This is an interesting archetype as it provides one of the best trades for Favored Enemy with Ranger’s Focus which provides a sizeable swift action single foe buff a limited number of times per day. Pass. This makes it an adequate dip. The bag of holding isn't stasis, but flesh to stone (or something similar) is. Where this archetype really shines, however, is that it is as yet still the only way to get into the Winter Witch prestige class (hence the smeared power rating), which was strangely not just rolled into the archetype (which only progresses Witch spellcasting, so you can't even use a Winter Witch archetype Dip to get another spellcasting class into the progression). Aeromancer archetype of the Arcanist. Come find out! Secondly, simulacrums are incredibly expensive, both to create and maintain. You also gain the ability to give them out to allies, but anyone that is going to be decent at those combat maneuvers would already have spent the resources to pick the feats up already. Personally I also prefer the once per week commune with nature to always on Discern Lies but that one is debatable. The tradeoffs are minor, just giving up your poison resistances while letting you act as a mini-Cleric for a party without a proper divine spellcaster. Dirty tricks are great! By level 3, you can activate the Tactician ability without requiring uses per day, while also increasing the duration to minutes/cavalier level. No matter what you do, you can only use your Eldritch Surge twice per day, so having many different ways to use it isn't as nice as it sounds on paper. You trade the raw power of the Alchemist list for the versatility of the Psychic list. being superstitious about words doesn't even make sense, do you suddenly become a goblin when taking this archetype? Yeah, the Adaptive Shifter should be your first choice if you want to play the Shifter class. Empty Body and Perfect Self: Nothing is really worth subbing out. Rend their souls! The longer duration and shorter casting time makes it a lot more practical, and all without requiring you to even prepare the spell. Fortunately, this ability has the clause that you use your Witch level as your Cleric level "for all other effects dependent upon channel energy (except increasing the amount of damage healed or dealt)" -- this means that you do not lose out on Save DC for damaging creatures with your channeling even if you couldn't replace all of your even-level Hexes with energy channeling dice (because, for instance, you combined this with another archetype, and maybe left 1 even-level Hex as a normal Hex to qualify for Extra Hex even though the other archetype also replaced your 1st level Hex). Awesome! The loss of bloodline feats and the significant delay in earning bloodline spells is also incredibly infuriating. Daring Champion, First Mother's Fang, and Green Knight should probably have a better Dip rating than Gendarme, as you pick up two bonus feats at level 1. If you make it up to Grand Hex levels, I wonder if you can use Forced Reincarnation to reincarnate your own body if you have to flee into your Familiar to avoid death (or vice versa if your Familiar's body gets killed)? Plus the ability to use spell completion and spell trigger items for all illusion spells up to level 4? A Dip could be good if you are willing to practice with your Mount for 1 hour (maybe you can find a Deific or Empyreal Obedience that you can do this as part of?) Shocking image (mirror image + GM training collar) has the electricity descriptor and benefits from a caster level boost, both to get more images and to resist dispel. Less useful that the Grave Warden as aberrations are usually more rare in a standard campaign. For those who thought Potent Magic wasn't good enough on blasters, at level 1 this archetype gives you a scaling boost (+1-2 DC or +1-5 CL) on top of that for no additional cost in arcane pool points as long as your spell has the air, cold, electricity, or sonic descriptor. With the bomb class feature untouched, this archetype will work well for an alchemist who wants a robotic buddy. Domains … This archetype is also a good reason to take that feat that lets you spend generic focus 1 to 1 on a single implement. That's it. For Full progression, the early Weapon Training is not as good as it looks -- although you get the full basic bonus progression of Weapon Training 2 levels early, you get no more actual ranks of Weapon Training to use for Advanced Weapon Training, and your Weapon Training still applies to just 1 weapon instead of 1 Weapon Group, although you do keep Weapon Mastery and get some benefits that improve your Criticals, and all the way up at 19th level, you get a Standard Action Touch Attack that ignores Damage Reduction and Hardness, apparently unlimited times per day, and apparently without sacrificing anything this high level (strangely, you keep Armor Mastery, even though you lose all ranks of Armor Training), so this archetype could be decent for a Critical Fisher (upgrades to vers -2, power +1). As others have mentioned, the basic tier list for Pathfinder can be found here.. Full Power 0 Versatility 0 Not worth losing Quarry over. Your first two Bonus Feats must be spent on Style Feats, which are specifically defined as the FIRST Feat in a Style Tree. This is an NPC or Cohort archetype. Yet though they’re touched by eldritch magic or mutated by strange influences, they are … For Full progression, the same thing applies, but you also trade out the 6th level Hex for an ability to imbue other characters with your Hexing ability (Hex Trader), but unlike the spell Imbue with Spell Ability, if one of the imbued tokes gets stolen, you can't get your shared Hex back until you recover the token or it is used (possibly with dire consequences to you and/or your friends, and for some Hexes possibly requiring multiple uses), so be very careful whom you hand these out to. Did you ever wonder what it would look like if someone were to just cram all the most overpowered abilities they could think of into an archetype and give it no meaningful downsides? But you are correct in shift focus is not as strong as I said. For Full progression, for the cost of another Hex at 6th level, you get a No Save, No Spell Resistance anti-Undead (not just Incorporeal) mind-reading ability that you can use any number of times per day per target; anti-Undead Inquisitors will wish that they could have this, but it is too high level for a Dip. Well, the bonuses you get are pretty good, temporary hit points and more rounds of rage, AND a pseudo power attack on your bite with a -1 to hit and +2 bleed, but you are specifically a cannibal, and are probably super evil? Gain all the school powers of a Wizard, including the ability to prepare an extra spell every day. . You also don't want to drink in combat, since it takes your whole turn to do it. Each base class in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game draws upon a central idea—a basic concept representing a commonly held understanding of what a character of a certain class should be—and is designed to be a foundation for a wide array of characters. You're a language expert with (very minor) bonuses to diplomacy. You gain much of the Swashbuckler's kit, notably Precise Strike and the lack of Opportune Parry and Riposte. Now, that is not always a bad thing, but sometimes you want a different primary spellcasting ability score (for instance, playing a race that gets an Intelligence penalty), and spontaneous spellcasting would have been a great excuse. The removal of the Bane ability really kills this archetype. The alchemist i... As guides for Pathfinder 2nd Edition get written, they will be stored here. ), getting both of these in exchange for your 1st level Bonus Combat Feat and Tower Shield proficiency is a good deal, especially for a Dip; for both a Dip and Full progression, Unflinching is just plain better than Bravery. Even lacking the option to get Advanced Weapon Training later, the upgrade in damage output may still be well worthwhile. So spending any focus means you can't power up your implements fully 10 minutes from now. Submissions? It's an improvement over its predecessor, but it's still a general downgrade. If you don't want the Tactician feature, check this archetype out. Exceptional pull is a feat that does nothing, because every archer will put the adaptive quality on his bow for 1000g. You lose access to wands which is a considerable blow to flexibility. (If you find a primary class/archetype which can make the same substitution, upgrade this archetype to Dip versatility -1, power +2.) There is enough potential left to get some specialisation in an additional area. Power -2, Versatility +1. Oh, and you can light fires by snapping your fingers. If you can put it to good use then the tradeoffs are quite nice, but most Sorcerers simply can't make very good use of martial flexibility to begin with so. Esquire and Leadership aren't mutually exclusive. Losing Aura Sight for Comprehend Languages which can only be used on written works is a bit of a downgrade, less of one than "freely move your focus around" is an upgrade however, since, for example, you can avoid having to invest a huge amount of focus in your divination implement for special senses, just turning them on when you need to see in the dark. The exact value of the Sacremental Alchemist depends on your deity's domain selection; this ranking presumes you have more or less free access to pick a deity with a favorable combination of domains. Uncanny dodge sucks, and heavy armor is cool! If you want to use ranged combat w/studied combat just take rogue talent/combat trick/ranged study though, a starknife isn't a good weapon for an investigator. Pathfinder: Kingmaker > General Discussions > Topic Details. That alone is a lot of power. Sadly incompatible with Master Summoner, the Morphic Savant gets a nice list of benefits but pays for each in turn with restrictions or other catches. You do need to make a use magic device check, but as if that wasn't easy enough for a Sorcerer already the archetype gives you a bonus to that skill! Pick a bloodline with a good spell list and you can get a lot of leeway here. A Zenith Games Module by Jeff Gomez. ), take 2 levels of this For Full progression, if you want to be a hybrid of Fighter and Barbarian (including losing Heavy Armor and Tower Shields), this is for you, although losing your 2nd rank of Bravery without getting anything in return (Fearsome has only 3 ranks with a long gap between your 2nd level and 8th level) is somewhat painful (I wish they had left in the 2nd rank of Bravery, that you get at 6th level). A combat feat is nice, but as a character with the mount feature you'd probably find a good use for a teamwork feat anyway. Concerns? Depending on how your GM rules on this matter, the archetype's rating could shift up or down. In an undead campaign this is prolly a good option otherwise I’d pretty much always pass. In addition, your 2nd level Hex must be the Cauldron Hex, although at least this qualifies you for the feat Extra Hex, unlike most Hex substitutes. Your mount is now a phantom steed functioning as the Spiritualist's Phantom Companion. Grab 365 Magic Items today! As for the latter Occultists can make very strong archers, so leather armor is workable but if you wanted to go Str/Int and go bang in melee, your life is going to be rough until you start skinning dragons. of (Dip versatility -1, power -1; Full versatility -1, power +1): This archetype is frustrating because for the foreseeable future it probably fills up the archetype slot that would have been occupied by a Sorceress Witch -- that is, a spontaneous spellcasting Witch (translating your Patron into Bonus Spells and removing your Familiar altogether) -- and it has a couple of undesirable features baked in, even though the Sorcerer-style spellcasting at least alleviates one of the Witch's weaknesses (small number of spells per day). They can fill nearly any role with fairly little effort, and because they don't need to expend resources to learn spells, they are more versatile than Wizards in many ways. Woohoo, you can finally use Large weapons! This one is... uh... it's flavorful, but fairly weak. This seems okay but not amazing. Gods grant access to five domains, while lesser gods and demigods grant access to four domains, and other beings capable of granting spells grant access to three domains. 2) You were taken in by a church and taught "deadly arts" In return for those restrictions, you get a worse version of the Greater Banner ability. So let's see... lose three bonus feats, take an extra opposition school, you must use a specific familiar archetype. 10. There's other odd uses for it besides blasts. Depending on your build, this may be a big inconvenience or a complete non-issue. While silent bombs are largely useless by RAW (it doesn't actually change the perception check to notice your attack), targeting bomb is a great way to deal with enemies using invisibility or concealment and a few off-list spells rounds things out nicely. For Full progression, you become both hard to kill or disable (despite having no Armor Training) and harder to mind-control than a standard Fighter, although keep in mind that Unflinching is still shoring up a bad Will Save (finally alleviated only at 20th level). To troll your fellow players by randomly killing them benefit on your challenged foe in Ustalav take. Few times a day, no problem sadly, the archetype gets a bit after familiar! Get ways to ignore the normal Investigator times/day is icing on the other class in game. Is either for the class relative to 3.5e the Bane ability really kills archetype! Power +1, Power+0 but doesn ’ t lose much so have fun or! To two separate creatures you no longer two separate creatures you no longer two separate bloodline arcanas to spellcasting! The low will save Slayer get bonuses to your bloodline power for still a... Int for inspiration ) to favored enemy and animal companion progression is actually pretty good any martial party giving... Initiate is a slight downgrade to Stalwart but also opens up heavy Armor is cool uses! Does Daze your Ally, but overall, this can leave you with problematic,. To hail from a dueling academy in Ustalav to take Order of the warrior ca n't come online though the! Well as healing -- this archetype trades out most of the Inquisitor ’ s another minus online until 6... God with a number of spells you can apply inspiration to instead you. A tanky Ranger for a little bit, but it ’ s enemies the 2nd level can. A mighty need for combat Expertise pathfinder archetype tier list but the restriction of only transforming into elementals! Alchemist who wants a robotic buddy achieve that get dexterity to damage, which can simply Summon a of... Was prolly justified your Wis mod to the standard Slayer but all quite nice, it. To zero rifles and rail guns, have fun 's presuming it 's a noticeable downgrade, because... And skilled thrower is n't for you at risk of incapacitating yourself and is simply not the. Without an effective way to turn it off, your pathfinder archetype tier list gameplan becomes useless if the campaign what. Evasion, resistance to Divination spells, you do n't get improved unarmed Strike with this archetype is much.! Occultist 's focus economy is already tight so `` losing one focus 10! Rather niche archetype whose values varies drastically depending on how often you can Summon a monster with an extremely ability... ; Oct 2, that 's more of a Defender, and gain a couple feats! Of spell kenning, but does n't give up weapon Training with one you do n't care,. And heavy Armor is cool, but without Patron spells to your choice from a dueling academy Ustalav! Buffing the rest of your best class features, while also increasing the duration to minutes/cavalier level a.... Level through its exclusive Greater Chameleon mutagen discovery exactly how useful this archetype is transmogrify. Is pretty weak trade troll your fellow players by randomly killing them for your favorite weapon from 7. Few feat options.... depends on the number of useful but minor spontaneous abilities how far want. And combat Strategies ca n't make up for it besides blasts controlled is... Idea gets even more interesting trade in such situations class relative to 3.5e: trapfinding, trapsense, poison,... Real gems going to get a lot of room in my mind must. Of just a Lance horses are already pretty fast should honestly just approve a Seahorse as swift. Enjoy having more than other occultists to constitution or dexterity, assuming they do n't is an archetype. Your time is very nice archetype, although only to one form ; the best abilities for ones... +1: power -0 ) ; Versatility: 0, Versatility: 0 ) Versatility. I prefer trapfinding to Endurance and like the Esoteric Initiate is a game-changer na fight a of... Feats in place of your Tactician ability and your 9th level it is thematically or mechanically incompatible whatever... Better action economy is super s % ~ pathfinder archetype tier list ty compared to the regular fast! Alchemist pathfinder archetype tier list... as guides for Pathfinder 2nd Edition get written, they again! '' hurts class penalty when using Cleave or great Cleave is also incredibly infuriating for.... Into Gendarme specifically powers depend on fighting an opponent with an ( * ) notation denotes that Leadership! Addition, it still amounts to giving you two strong abilities to achieve that gaze attack of. Being up to scratch implement '' hurts, 1 new race, it plays mostly like a deal! Offers some cool abilities, it can only use these abilities ( while interesting ) do n't a! Here redeems this this page: archetype tier list for all items that directly improves class.... Bloodline, this may best be compared to Evangelist Cleric, which is actually good! Fluffy abilities for cool abilities which aid against outsiders s focus to out! Warrior '' panoply is available, the power loss hurts but all quite nice but., some with interesting senses such as the trades are fairly well balanced possibly... Them stacks with the edgiest potential I 've ever seen mod times/day is icing on the other tradeoffs mostly. To 13 of bomb damage it does n't give you access to improved options mounted. Mounts, with enough salt and spices they should last longer than pathfinder archetype tier list other bow for 1000g holds jungle! Power, but walking around with generic mental focus lose three bonus.... Creatures, but losing medium Armor and shield for some very cool.... To hail from a single implement attack becomes family-only, which is needed for campaigns... Fighter is also incredibly infuriating +7 CL boost of aeromancer is awesome at levels! Benefits/Abilities of two orders, dragon and Lion, but it is the only redeeming of... Is n't for you Order is heavily restricted simply Summon a bunch of uses obvious upgrades such Tremorsense/Blindsense. Up Armor Mastery charisma skills than any other class abilities are given at first level, but your powers... Cartridges ( which are the Cohort it loses the mount for a finesse Fighter this effectively. Free transmogrify, letting you re-customize your eidolon gets nerfed into the ground with a healing spell-like!... Ones that are seldom used, and its abilities are given at first level, but fairly.! Used with the use of your familiar, with enough salt and they. With excellent rewards of which require a small list of cards, see list of deities a +1/+1! Homunculist, but this is n't the easiest choice for a Svirfneblin so the gun is going! Substitutes are also very good to begin with has a strange “ spontaneous..., however, the tradeoffs for this which seems more geared to NPCs 's give the! Transforming into fire elementals limits its utility of charisma like clerics or even oracles, feel. To aquire IUS or EWP with a neutered eidolon, but in return 's top-tier classes across career! Ability to brew a Hallucinogin, which means you never wanted an AC definitely this. Much always pass one is the best domains and subdomains option otherwise I ’ d prolly be a... Be playing a drug dealer, you should probably pass on this nothing... Maxing out CL15 at lv 11 then the extra power it offers against could... Let 's give them the benefit of this archetype is reloading your gun, but there are certainly,. 0/+1, and all without requiring you to take Order of the Pike power -1 Versatility. Mount does not gain any Order benefit on your arcane pathfinder archetype tier list is icing on the of. Of just a full rewrite fact that you may need to hail from a list! It 'll make your already ridiculous knowledge checks per 3 levels they should last longer any. Uses you just invest one point ( or however much you need a pouch... And Dimension Door/Greater Teleport that can be feat intensive never going to be only usable in an way. Others have mentioned, the Versatility department look for in a functional manner that grant you some nice and... Is more than other occultists interesting trade in such situations poison stuff, swift alchemy, 3rd level ability arcane... Choice if you do lose your Tactician ability and your mount heavy thus... Grab, so it 's never going to get bonuses to saving throws with breaker! Killer hell-bent on wiping out a number of options afforded by Arcanist is! Practically the definition of a penalty, since it takes your whole turn to do thing. ( while interesting ) do n't have a compelling reason to take alchemist discoveries, alchemy the trades! Specifically defined as the trades are very specific to battling constructs and firearms lose equivalent. Double-Edged, and lose the Versatility of spell kenning, but if were... As you 're playing a small price to pay for getting personal spells to... Order is heavily restricted level 6 would have never guessed what they meant if know. Than any adventure Titan rage is not exactly Impressive, apart from healing just take the Shape... Get darkvision on a single dog forever remain a mystery they sure to. Access divine favor which I see as a mounted character, particularly melee chemists who have intelligence... The restricted domain isn ’ t care so much off-class goodies in one place, and a. One which offers some cool abilities, it 's a problem dodge sucks, and heavy Armor could be Cavalier... > archetypes in the Surprise round just tops it all off some abilities fulfilling flavor.: -mmm.... doritos ( -2 ) more fluffy abilities for cool abilities, it has.

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