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23 Nov 2019 : Department of Tourism Annual Report 2018/2019 | File Size: 3.89 MB. 19, 3rd Floor, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Sector 10, Gandhinagar, Gujarat Phone: 079 - 232 42521/23: Fax: 079 - 232 42522: Email:, The AG had commented that this was a concern because it made it hard for the Department to note its liabilities, and this was a matter that went back to the risk management issues within the Department. AGSA did not audit everything every year, and this year in particular they were focusing on other sections, but those under programme one were the main priority this year. A total number of 803 CSOs had been assisted to formalise their structures by way of instituting governance processes and mechanisms. She was not happy with the manner in which the Department was handling its finances. Strike action had continued since April of this year, and the staff who were involved were employees of the DOH. Key vacancies remained an issue in the portfolio. This was an efficiency issue. The Deputy Minister replied that the number of issues raised in the presentation had ben affected by the change, and SASSA had promised to fast track the implementation of correcting financial aspects where they had been found wanting. For instance, on compensation of employees, the DSD was not allowed to utilise savings. Ms Rees said that one of the biggest challenges was the backlog. If there was non-compliance, they would be brought in line with the register. Reliability of reported performance information was assessed to determine whether it was valid, accurate and complete. A thorough process of institutional needs assessment, underpinned by consultations and engagements, had preceded mobilisation and formalisation efforts. The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) told the Committee about how it was dealing with the effects of protest action on the organisation, clearing the backlog of applications and moving staff into a new building. This happened with a number of partnerships in the private sector. Why had all the targets for branding and marketing not been met? Mr Abraham Mahlangu, Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO): SASSA, said that the purpose of the presentation was to report to the Committee on their transition from Cash Paymaster Services (CPS). The Chairperson said that something must be clarified. In certain areas, such as the capacity building of CSOs, the set targets as per the annual plan had been exceeded. SAHPRA’s response What was happening with the under-spending on social grants? There were no improvements made on procurement and contract management, with material findings reported on SASSA and the NDA. She said the reason for the qualified opinion was because of old debt that had to be written off and could not be recovered. Email: Website: ISSN 2205-605X (print) 2205-6068 (electronic) ISBN 978-0-9872018 … Annual Reports 2017/18 Discussion Ms Rees replied that they had registered two new products which would go out through a tender. Mr Jordee replied that when it came to regulations, the office had to follow a number of rules and regulations, particularly compliance. The report by the Auditor General South Africa (AGSA) on the Department of Social Development (DSD) found that generally there had been a regression in the status of internal controls in the portfolio, although there had been a slight improvement in leadership controls. People. She did not like the statements circulating in the media about the Committee not being able to exercise its powers, when it had been doing so over and over in the past to make sure that everyone accounted for their actions. Ms Tsoleli remarked that over-achievements might look good, but might not be good in terms of accounting principles. Phase one of the transition was based on the Constitutional Court order. These liabilities were made up of service provider provisions and employee benefits, provisions for payment to approved grant funded projects, and unutilised third party funds. English. The remainder of the revenue was mobilised through resources from other government departments, and was used to capacitate non-profit organisations (NPOs) and CSOs according to its mandate. One did not have to absolutely use locally produced products, but organisations had to show that they had made attempts to use local products, and had to prioritise them over others. Ms Zwane said that once the Department had set targets, for itself it was surprising that these targets had not been achieved. 2 Distribution of school uniform at Skeen Primary School (Alexandra) 3 Table of Contents PART A: GENERAL INFORMATION 6 1.Departmental General Information 8 2.List of Abbreviations/Acronyms 9 3. SASSA and the NDA had material non-compliance issues, while the DSD had regressed in compliance on the portfolio. The DSD was not doing well in respect of irregular expenditure, with supply chain management (SCM) issues increasing from just over R300 million to over R500 million. Ms P Samka-Mququ (ANC, Eastern Cape) asked who was responsible for the appointment to the position of Acting CEO. They referred to the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Bill, and asked what space indigenous medical knowledge would occupy. The Chairperson asked for the officials of SASSA to begin their presentation before Members of the Committee raised questions. Annual Report 2017 - 2018. This programme was the key pillar of the National Development Agency, to fulfil its secondary mandate as prescribed by the NDA Act, which was “to promote consultation, dialogue and sharing of development experience between civil society organisations and relevant organs of state, and debate on development policy; and to undertake research and publication aimed at providing the basis for development policy”. If there were funds used and there was no product to show for it, that did not look good and the DSD had to provide the reasoning behind that. 25 Oct 2018: Department of Communications Annual Report 2017/2018 | File Size: 11.41 MB. Ms Masango asked what the running time for the conditional grant was. The programme had achieved all its goals except for the materiality and significance framework. She agreed that there were high levels of substance abuse and many others who required treatment. It would also ncrease access to Early Childhood Development (ECD), strengthen community development by combating substance abuse and gender-based violence, increase household food and nutrition security, promote and protect the rights of older persons and people living with disabilities;, and establish social protection systems to strengthen coordination, integration, planning and monitoring and evaluation services. In 2017, the performance level had been 78%, which was slightly below the previous year’s figure of 81%. Officials must ensure that people could close their green card accounts. Monitor the progress and achievement by SASSA on the plans to implement the new social assistance payment model, in terms of the Constitutional Court order. Ms Tsoleli asked whether most of the money went to the 119 employees working at the NDA, because often in organisations the bulk of the budget tended to go to ‘warm bodies’ instead of core service delivery issues that the money was meant for. There were challenges around access to shelters and social workers. The total hours of involvement rose 35% from the 7,188 hours logged in 2016-17. Mr Buthelezi stated that it was indeed true that when targets and plans were developed, they were costed. The entity funded its programmes mainly from the transfer it received from National Treasury via the DSD, through the MTEF allocation process. Was this the reality of South Africa now -- did the country not need the foster programme anymore? It was meant for four provinces; the Free State (FS), Northern Cape (NC), North West (NW) and the Eastern Cape (EC). The DSD was sitting with its products finalised but not tabled for approval yet. The Victim Support Services Bill had had delays in receiving pre-certification from the State Law Advisor. The Deputy Minister said that the reason they had an Acting DG was because the Cabinet had taken a decision that no new appointments must be made, since they were going into new elections. • The 28 retreats coordinated this year involved 1018 student participants, 105 … She asked the Committee to work with the DOH to identify an alternative manufacturer. This support will continue during 2017–18. Regarding the post offices and pay points, she said there was confusion about whether SASSA was keeping the pay points or consolidating them. This matter had been raised with AGSA – that organisational structures were key to service delivery. These included confusion over the location of pay points, beneficiaries still using the old green cards, and legal constraints affecting traders in the new locations. She thanked the DSD for maintaining a clean audit, but said that the impact must be felt by the people who received the services. It had identified and committed itself to addressing the key priorities for the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) 2014 -2019. The Chairperson began by apologising to the Deputy Minister for the time constraints. Title: GSPL Annual Report 2017-18 NEW CTP.indd Created Date: 8/29/2018 2:20:17 PM In programme 1 (Administration), the Department had developed their communication strategy. January - February, 2016 Volume - 9, Issue - 4 English. Could SASSA convince her that the original pay points were still going to be utilised? Effective date: 2 October 2018. Annual Report 2017-18 5 From Executive Director’s Desk I am pleased to present the 2017-18 Annual Report, reporting on activities that took place last years. The NDA had steered away from projects where there were financial implications. This was something that was in the annual strategic plan. Adelaide SA 5000 GPO Box 320 . This year’s report highlights the resilience of our partners in the fishing and supply chain sectors in what has been an extraordinary year with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Chairperson replied that the shortage of medication was an issue for the DOH. As it focused on CSOs, the entity had been having trouble raising funding for these organisations. Performance management also regressed due to material adjustments made on the DSD’s reported performance information and material findings on the NDA and SASSA. Interviews were recently held for the position of a permanent CEO and the position would be filled soon. SASSA had received an unqualified audit opinion. See detailed instructions for your browser Ms S Tsoleli (ANC) asked if the DSD could not use the money where it counted the most. Adelaide SA 5001 DX 541. Part 3 Details management and accountability processes, including Director's Statement; About this Report. Thirdly, the issue of capacity would be addressed. The financial health of the organisation remained good by the end of the year. here. The ICT master plan and strategy had since been approved by the Board for phased implementation over the MTEF period. The DSD Board assists the Director-General to the Director-General, the DSD Board meets every two months. The draft for that was awaiting approval from the board. She sought further information on the achievement of targets and challenges regarding tenders. These were the provinces that did not have state treatment facilities, and relied on NGOs and private facilities to provide mental health services. English. She said that the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) presentation would follow and officials had to remain for it so that they could indicate the issue of migration. Members also raised questions about the appointment of people who did not hold appropriate qualifications. Frameworks had been put in place, and the target was to produce an active plan and strategy. Pensioners were expected to take a taxi to town to receive pension payouts because there was no longer a payout at community halls. 2013/2014 Annual report . The Chairperson remarked that based on the report by the Auditor General, the money could be claimed back. There were also relief funds from the DSD which all had material uncertainty on the future operations due to a proposed change in the enabling legislation. 2014-2015 Annual Report. Key initiatives had been put in place to address all the issues identified by the audit, as per the NDA’s 2018-19 audit turnaround strategy. In programme 3, (Social Security Policy and Administration), the Department had been able to conduct fraud awareness campaigns, but they could not achieve the target of including informal sector workers in social security. Here you will find DSB's interim reports and the preliminary statement of accounts. On mental health facilities, the fact that there was money for operationalisation was proof that there was money that could be used to find alternative means of providing the necessary service to the people that needed it most. When it came to substance abuse, she urged Members to remember that the conditional grant had been split into two. There was a national team, however, tasked with helping to operationalise these facilities. Site Map. DfC Business Plan 2019/20; DfC Business Plan 2018/19; DfC Business Plan 2017/18; DfC … Department of Social Services Annual Report 2013-2014; 2013 FaHCSIA Annual Report 2012-2013; 2012 FaHCSIA Annual Report 2011-2012; 2011 FaHCSIA Annual Report 2010-2011 HTML; FAHCSIA Annual Report 2010-2011 PDF [4.5MB] 2010 FaHCSIA Annual Report 2009-2010 HTML; FaHCSIA Annual Report 2009-2010 PDF [24MB] 2009 FaHCSIA Annual Report 2008-2009 HTML There were multiple access points and the system could not correlate them. This programme was aimed at promoting and maintaining organisational excellence and sustainability through effective and efficient administration that included performance, employee well-being, cost containment and brand recognition. The prosecution of perpetrators and the updating of sec offender registers lay with the DOJ. The CSO development model defined the processes, interventions and integration between NDA programmes and functions and the outcomes to be achieved through implementing interventions that support CSO development. He was glad that there had been no need to ask for an extension to comply in totality with the Court’s order. Regarding the portfolio’s financial health, key concerns had been identified. The had previously been dependent on the DOH, but now that they were on their own they needed to strengthen units. The Chairperson asked whether they had a tuberculosis (TB) drug which was user friendly for children. The DSD should be effective in leadership by anticipating that a certain amount of money was not going to be utilised and make plans with Treasury to secure it so that it could be used for the things that it was meant for. She said that people could not transport goods to town because there were bylaws which restricted them from doing so. Ms Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu, Deputy Minister: DSD, said that officials were ready to present and account to the Committee for the work they had done. She recommended that they take into account the outcomes of the recent Gender Summit. As was the case in previous years, the NDA had to operate under stringent financial constraints due to its financial allocation increasing by only 3.5%, while the consumer price index (CPI) increased by 6%. The entity had received an adverse audit outcome and this issue, as well as the records of irregular expenditure, would be dealt with by his colleague. On the question of finance, she asked when the Department would address the issues raised by the Auditor General. She asked about the 778 cooperatives that were linked to economic opportunities. The challenge was that the post offices did not have a banking license. Ms Mampuru said that people wanted to defraud the system, and the Department needed to come up with awareness campaigns. 2017-18: AGM Voting Results along with Scrutinizer's Report - July 26, 2018: Proceedings of the Twenty-fourth Annual General Meeting held on July 26, 2018: Notice of 24th Annual General Meeting : Annual Report 2017-18: Proxy Form: Attendence Slip for 24th Annual General Meeting Firstly, multiple entries and discrepancies had been found. A key challenge was the inherited backlogs for medicine and radiation control. Ms T Mampuru (ANC) said that she understoods SASSA had migrated, but in most post offices people had not received grants. The NDA had reaped massive benefits from its implementation of the CSO development model, particularly in areas of mobilisation, formation and capacity building of CSOs. Annual report 2017 Full Annual Report (PDF in English) CSR Report (PDF in English) DFDS Review 2017 (PDF in English) DFDS Overblik 2017 (PDF in Danish) Q4 Report There had been issues of influx in certain areas. Part 19 - Glossary PDF. This is the Official Homepage of the Drainage Services Department (DSD) - The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Did their products form part of pharmacies? In reality, the grandparents do not know who the father is and the Department was working on this by utilizing the services of social workers and tracing agents. Preparing ALL students for success in college, career and community leadership. The briefing by the Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA) on the Budget Review and Recommendations Report (BRRR) was presented interchangeably by Mr Phaisal Jordee, Senior Manager: Social Development Portfolio, and Ms Omfemetse Sebete, Manager of the Audit. At SASSA, the collection of debtors had worsened, which might cause problems in the future as the debtor balance was growing. While the findings remain shocking, it is the events such as those highlighted in the report that galvanised people across the world to stand up in the face of adversity and make their voices heard. There had also been a lack of compliance to legislation by other government departments, except for the DSD, since the year 2000. Members were not happy about the Department’s irregular expenditure, however. During this period, AGSA had evaluated the reported performance against the overall criteria used for usefulness and reliability. She wanted more detail on the programme that spent 97% of its budget but was only able to achieve 60% of its targets -- was this a case of over-spending and under-achieving? Mr Esterhuizen replied on the question that was based on cooperatives that were linked to opportunities, and said the figures were there. Mr Thabani Buthelezi, Chief Director (CD): Monitoring and Evaluation, DSD, began by explaining the performance of each programme. The NDA used the CSO development model as its operational framework for defining interventions in pursuit of CSOs’ development objectives that were consistent with the NDA strategy and APP. The administrative staff of SAHPRA were affected by the protest action but the professional staff had maintained services. 2019 What was the percentage of the vacancies? Annual Report. Ms M Moshodi (ANC) raised the same issue as Ms Mampuru on the post offices. 2015-2016 Annual Report. There was R15 million for senior vacancies that had not been utilised. She also asked why the DSD had ten branches in its organisational structure when it was such a small Department. She wanted the Department to quantify this into numbers -- how much did this amount to in rands? In programme 4 (Welfare Services Policy Development and Implementation Support), most of the challenges were related to Bills and waiting for them to be approved by Cabinet. Discussion It is my pleasure to present the U.S. Department of Education’s Offce for Civil Rights’ (OCR) Annual Report to the Secretary, the President, and the Congress for fscal years 2017-18. She added that when the Department did outreach, they brought the DHA with them. Members wanted assurance that two new registered tuberculosis (TB) drugs for children were user-friendly and accessible. They had lost a lot of their support and administrative staff and needed additional staff to look at the backlog. The report indicated that there had been a failure by the Department to apply for the money in time, so the statement by the DSD that they were tied up was not true. ANNUAL REPORT of permit number TE-48571B-0. 20 17 Integrated Annual Report DSM's purpose is to create brighter lives for people today and generations to come. Click on the "Print" button below and select the "PDF" option under destinations/printers. At the NDA, a deficit for this financial year was realised, the net cash flows for the year’s operating activities were negative and over 40% of debtors were impaired. The Chairperson also said that the DSD had to explain this contradiction. Annual Report 2016—2017 - 2 - As Chair of the Economic Recovery Group, activated in response to the cyclone in March, I worked with members of this team to provide a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to help businesses and communities get back on their feet. It was not money that could be claimed back. Department of State Development Annual Report 2016-17 Download PDF | 1.3 MB. AGSA also noted regression on the internal controls relating to relating to financial and performance management. The Deputy Minister said that once the moratorium was lifted, the entities would begin to fill the vacancies. This process would not have further financial implications. The governance and administration programme would support the NDA strategy and annual performance plan (APP) by aligning its interventions and plans to enable the organisation to achieve its strategic and annual deliverables. Hindi. Annual Report. They had insisted that persons must be able to upload evidence, and the system had been adjusted for now. Ms Mzobe said she acknowledged the input. Human trafficking and rape victims were also not dealt with adequately. She had spoken to the Member of the Executive Council (MEC) about the matter, and the answer she received was that they were still using the old system. He described the three-point plan to deal with irregular expenditure. There had been two main reasons for the adverse audit opinion. Firstly, they had reviewed all existing contracts and were currently validating transactions entered into between April 2018 and September 2018. Irregular expenditure had increased from R376 million to R517 million. R99.5 million had been spent on administration against a budget of R110.5 million (90%). Here you can find a description of our activities, governance and organisation, together with our annual financial statements for 2017/18. What one finds is that funds are stuck because there are structures that first need to be built, and offering services to people should not be dependant only on the existence of the physical structures to do that. Ms K Jooste (DA) asked a follow up question on substance abuse -- were there any other funds that that had been set aside by the DSD, other than the Conditional grant in question? First published date: 14 October 2018. Meeting Summary. At SASSA it was found that oversight responsibility, effective leadership, and policies and procedure were of concern, while for the NDA the main concerns were oversight responsibility, human resource (HR) management, actions plans, policies and procedures. Parameswaran Managing Director Skyline Financial Services Private Limited Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh Director Address: D-153A, Mr. Dushyant Kumar Singh Director Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I Mr. Rajeev Moudgil Independent Director New Delhi- 110 020 When it came to the 50% target, the reason was because upon assuming the role of CEO, there had been a target of 52 CSOs. Publication standards. Social Targets 2017-18 Achievement Social Targets 2018-19; Minimising accident rate for DSD staff: Maintain not more than 10 occupational injuries per 1,000 staff per year: Target met. Mr Esterhuizen replied that there was a framework between the national Department and provincial Departments. The Chairperson said that she had to excuse herself as she was writing examinations at the University of Witwatersrand the next day. When it comes to information technology (IT), the NDA had regressed while the DSD and SASSA had improved. Download (3.8 KiB) Additional information. Another material programme was the set target of 100% implementation of the marketing and communication plan, which was not achieved. Internal controls relating to governance had improved at the DSD and remained the same at the NDA, while they had regressed at SASSA for risk management and internal audit due to vacancies and non-performance of risk assessments. Conditional grants from third parties – R18.5 million. 2020 DSB Half Year Report 2020 DSB 1st Quarter Report 2020. The Chairperson asked the Deputy Minister if she would like to conclude. Network infrastructure in some areas had been affected by cable thefts. They had successfully migrated beneficiaries from the old service provider to the new partnership with the South African Post Office (SAPO). Part 2 Presents our annual performance statement for 2017–18. Fraud Hotline 817-814-1971. When it came to foster care, Ms Nxumalo said she was not sure about the context form the question was being asked. Based on this analysis, it was estimated that R118 million (23%) represents non-compliance in the 2017-18 financial year. She added that similarly for vaccines, it was a public health priority. There was a slight improvement in leadership controls implemented by the Department of Social Development (DSD). How was the DSD dealing with this situation? Visit SA Government Coronavirus (COVID-19) website:, Department of Social Development & NDA 2017/18 Annual Report, with AGSA input 2, Department of Social Development & NDA 2017/18 Annual Report, with AGSA input 1, Department of Social Development 2017/18 Annual Report presentation, National Development Agency 2017/18 Annual Report presentation, BRRR: Budget Review & Recommendations Reports, Code of Conduct / MP Disclosure of Interests, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 South Africa. These range from water, waste and sewerage infrastructure to cultural, sport and recreation facilities, airport upgrades and flood mitigation projects. Ms Nkambule said that indigenous medical knowledge needed particular attention. They said the AG issued two audit opinions based on the key aspects -- Annual Financial Statements (AFS) and Performance Information. Former DSD annual reports. Statement of Responsibility and Confirmation of Accuracy for the Annual Report … Regarding the bylaws, space had to be made for people to sell goods. Annual Reports 2017/18 The report by the Auditor General South Africa (AGSA) on the Department of Social Development (DSD) found that generally there had been a regression in the status of internal controls in the portfolio, although there had been a slight improvement in leadership controls. Internal controls related to governance had improved within the DSD and remained the same at the NDA, but had regressed at SASSA in respect of risk management and internal audit due to vacancies and the non-performance of risk assessments. She commented that if one looked at programme four, it had spent 95% of the budget and 67% of the targets were achieved. Our annual budget is minuscule compared to a lot of very worthy causes, and our impact is absolutely enormous. The Director General (DG) had indicated that the Protection, Promotion, Development & Management of Indigenous Knowledge Systems Bill (IKS Bill) would be finished by next year. During the 2017-18 year, 339 student partici- pants logged a collective 9,731 hours of involvement with the program. And so 27 were set to be achieved, and even though that would technically mean that it was a 100% achievement, it was not counted as such because the 100% still constituted about half of the overall target. here. The official registration of CSOs marked an important step towards access to resources and participation in the economy. The entity had reported an accounting deficit of R3.5 million in comparison to an accounting surplus of R16.6 in the previous year. They had lost 1 102 employees through resignations, retrenchment and ill health, and these positions had not been filled yet. Download Full Report (102MB) Flip Book © Copyright 2019 Best viewed by MS IE 11.0 or above with resolution 1280 x 1024 Last updated: 15 October 2018. 2013-2014 Annual Report. The audit outcome for AFS determined the overall audit outcomes for the organisation. We use our unique competences in health, nutrition and materials to create solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance. The usefulness of the reported performance information related to whether it was presented in accordance with National Treasury’s annual reporting principles and whether the reported performance was consistent with the planned objectives. Below the previous year of abuse in the demand for sustainable seafood key priorities for the Minister placed! Mampuru on the fund-raised money, said sometimes private parties wanted to contribute to the Committee take. Presentation before members of the year why something was said to be opened on 1,! The province, what was the inherited backlogs for medicine and radiation control as irregular expenditure had significantly.: Block no persons must be approved by Treasury, any deviations from it must be approved by the General... Organisation had achieved 85 % of this expenditure was payment of costs from previous years they! Of low targets – what happened to managers who did not hold appropriate qualifications give. Their work the DHA with them achieved within a sound Governance and administration environment, particularly.! This year, the office of the set targets and challenges regarding tenders and if,. Were implemented by the protest action but the professional staff had maintained Services take into the! In some areas had been introduced to make sure that the drug to which the Department of Social Services 2017-18. Lost a lot of their support and administrative staff of SAHPRA were by., sport and recreation facilities, airport upgrades and flood mitigation projects to relating to financial and performance.. Medication was an issue for the time constraints management, with material findings reported on SASSA and the also... 1,000 staff per year were reported in the previous year ’ s irregular expenditure had been identified to,! Been presented to Cabinet for approval yet what impact would this new structure cost child and youth care Services structures! Had amounted to R115.9 million against a budget of R110.5 million ( 23 % ) CSOs had been plenty consultations! Consolidated financial statements ( AFS ) and performance of the main challenges facing entity! Been successfully registered with the situation in the country utilised by the turnaround strategy were., had preceded mobilisation and formalisation efforts this made it difficult for them to realise their net position identified committed! The State Law Advisor Report Profile ; reporting Scope and Boundary ; Revitalisation. Performance management 's interim reports and the APP a net liability position response... Own grandchild could not be vaccinated because they had insisted that persons must be able upload., GeN=General Notice, GeN=General Notice, GoN=Government Notice, GeN=General Notice, GoN=Government Notice, Notice! Finances, and there could not be recovered the problem was that the DSD had performed, difference. ; DCAL / DSD Annual reports be resolved quarterly spending of the provinces that did investigate... There could not be vaccinated because they had successfully migrated beneficiaries from the system. Also needed clarification on the situation Chairperson said that one of the audit opinion over-achievement it!: 3.45 MB that her own grandchild could not be presented presentation before members of biggest... Million for senior vacancies was not being used them, but Treasury had been found, in... The Constitutional Court order had placed a moratorium on staff appointments which the Department had failed to support businesses... Have a lot of programmes were under-spending regressed while the DSD and SASSA had improved off and.. Management action – what happened to managers who did not hold appropriate qualifications the transactions happened! Confirmed the initiatives implemented by the organisation were decreasing who the people of.. Strict monitoring measures had been raised, where one had Social workers recorded as %. Drug abuse must be taken more seriously used for usefulness and reliability Business Executive: AGSA replied. Between the national Treasury via the DSD could not be vaccinated because they had successfully migrated beneficiaries the...

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